工作自我介绍英文 篇1

  Hello everyone!

  I have two years working experience in administration, logistics personnel, attendance, office supplies, staff attitude exchanges and administrative affairs will be familiar. There is a sense of responsibility, strong executive ability, love their work, have good communication skills and coordination skills. Hardworking, brave and enterprising. If I can join your company. Will go all out.

  I am an honest, careful, proactive, responsible, self-motivated, hard-working, cheerful, easygoing, suitable ability, strong in principle, strong communication and coordination ability, have a strong sense of professionalism and team spirit, with a keen awareness of the digital computer. Sensitive and skilled. Familiar with Kingdee software, after years of accounting practice, I have been able to skillfully handle the accounting industry overall accounts, have certain financial foundation

  I am cheerful, optimistic, strong compression ability, strong sense of digital:

  1. have more than 5 years experience in financial accounting, a solid foundation, can independently accomplish the overall accounting, familiar with the account;

  2. understand the relevant laws, tax regulations, familiar with the general taxpayer and tax declaration system of electronic billing system.

  3, proficient in office software, familiar with enterprise financial process, accounts receivable and payable account handling experience and salary accounting experience, familiar with ERP system (know UFIDA ERP);

  4, work earnestly, down-to-earth, strong sense of responsibility, initiative, honest work, adhere to the principle, have good occupation ethics and team spirit, able to work with a positive attitude to face the difficulties in life.

  I have been engaged in the work of existing financial related ten years, proficient in the company and individual businesses to apply for certification (such as business license, tax registration and social security), proficient in the general taxpayer and the self-employed and account preparation and tax filing work, and always get the boss praise because I was a native of Humen. The working stability is high.

工作自我介绍英文 篇2







  Dear personnel manager:


  Thank you for reading my cover letter during your busy schedule. When you opened this cover letter, you opened the door to success and hope for me

  In July this year, I will graduate from the Hengyang Finance Institute Department of accounting college. I learned that the accounting profession. During school, I study the financial focus on the company's production, operation, and management, financial management, financial information and network technology. In the school during the manual accounting simulation practice, accounting software practice. Financial management simulation practice, I also learned a lot of things. This not only makes me have a clear understanding of the business process to the company. At the same time the company should learn some finance.

  In college I pay attention to the cultivation of their comprehensive quality, participated in the student council, school performance has been good, has the strong organization ability and the coordinated ability, strong dedication and sense of responsibility that I can face many difficulties and challenges. For future work laid a solid foundation.

  Accounting is essential for the development of every enterprise. I would like to contribute my meager contribution to your company's financial affairs. I would like to contribute to the future of your company

工作自我介绍英文 篇3

  My name is , graduated from school, I was born in , in the university life, as many positions, to exercise their abilities, develop their own unique social circle, for their future life and lay a good foundation.

  I majored in accounting, bachelor degree, four years of college I have passed CET four examination, made the accounting computerization and accounting qualification certificate, to learn about financial each discipline, proficient in computer, in the past 2 years has been working in company, engaged in the cashier. Accounting work, have rich experience in financial management and tax declaration, proficient in financial software, passion for work, always adhere to the professional knowledge and learning, and intend to in this year through the accounting exam.

  I am outgoing, active thinking, willing to accept all challenges, the university served as chairman of the student union, that is when I developed a strong sense of responsibility, execution and leadership. During the University participated in the student union, have strong communication skills and ability, hard working, and strong learning ability and adaptability, positive enterprising, strive for. In life, my hobby is widespread, especially love history, familiar to celebrity biography, I also love sports, and organize colleagues to learn skills, good at badminton.

  In order to broaden their knowledge, I also participated in the study of computerized accounting, master the basic applications and accounting software applications such as EXCEL. In order to study their professional knowledge can be combined with the practice, I also learned about the case teaching materials, such as strategic management, corporate management, financial management. The capital operation, and apply it to your internship.

  If I have the chance to be admitted, I will work hard and put their knowledge to use in practice, for the realization of their own value.

工作自我介绍英文 篇4








  Respected leader:


  First of all, thank you very much for your time in your busy schedule to read my cover letter. My name is Shi Min. I graduated from Neijiang Vocational and Technical College in July 20xx, majoring in accounting. I am interested in work

  During the period of school have learned a lot of professional knowledge, such as e-commerce, network marketing, intellectual property law, economic law and other courses. The spare time to broaden their knowledge, and participated in the undergraduate course, as was about to cross out of school into the community of technical school students, I am filled with enthusiasm and confidence to meet all of this.

  Three years of college life learning and training, give me only a preliminary experience, the society is far from enough, I believe that my enthusiasm and studious attitude can compensate for our school. The last term is the practice, so far, I have been working for two months the accountant had two months of sales in a garage, six months to do clerical work in a courier company.

  I hope that through this introductory letter, can make you have a more comprehensive understanding of me, I am willing to the development and construction of the company with great enthusiasm and sense of responsibility. Your choice is my expectations. Give me a chance to return you a surprise. Look forward to your reply.

  Finally, I wish your company a thriving career - steady development!

工作自我介绍英文 篇5





  Everybody is good, very honored to attend this interview. My company is a professional accounting graduate, four years of professional learning makes me a solid grasp of the professional knowledge, proficient in word, Excel, U8 and ERP UF financial software management system.

  I am a stable personality, patient who is diligent, hard-working, positive attitude. Accounting professional learning but also cultivate my careful, rigorous learning attitude. The school and the relationship between teachers and students is good, full of team spirit, strong logical thinking ability and strong sense of responsibility, and in future work will continue. It is because of this personality, I love the accounting work very much.

  In practice, financial software lesson, we modify the input data, customer and employee business processing, vouchers, and report the production output has done a lot of practice. By accounting simulation practice, understanding from the collection of original documents, check vouchers, registration books, to the whole process of making statements. I firmly choose the accounting profession through professional learning, I think it is very suitable for the job, and hope for the success of accounting occupation career!

  I was admitted to junior accountant and certified public accountants at present, hope to enrich the accounting professional knowledge, and strive to become a qualified accountant. I hope to find a financial work, can let me to learn the full play, improve the ability of business accounting, as a contribution to a force. The financial situation of extreme enthusiasm and persevere the spirit is the biggest factor I have confidence in doing accounting work!





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